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How do I prevent algae growth?
First things first. Make sure the filter is clean, baskets are not clogged, and your basic water chemistry is balanced. (i.e. chlorine, pH., conditioner) If problems persist we like to start with phosphorus removers and then move to copper/silver algaecides.
How does phosphorus effect my pool?
My pool always seems to be cloudy, what can I do?
Should I drain my pool down due to rainstorms?
What are the advantages of a saltwater swimming pool?
  • The initial installation of a Saltwater pool can be costly, but after that you do not have to add chlorine. This saves you money on chlorine, which can add up over time.
  • Salt is softer and gentler on your skin than chlorine.
  • No toxic chemicals to store or handle.
  • No stinging eyes or chlorine smell.
  • The new salt systems require less maintenance than traditional chlorine pools.
  • You won’t need a tab floater
What can I do to lower my electric bill?
What is black algae?
What is conditioner? Why do I need it?


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